Early childhood

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.... can still acknowledge children's different strengths and allow them to take different approaches to learning the same thing. Take, for example, a unit on the literature of the American Civil War. A student strong in verbal intelligence might want to read a biography or work of historical fiction, and write a tale from the perspective of one of the minor characters in the novel, incorporating historical details into the work, or create a work of literature or poetry based upon the nonfiction he or she read. A child with greater spatial intelligence might delight in mapping out the battles and troop movements, and gain an appreciation for the arduous nature of the conflict in that fashion, while a child with an interest in the fine arts could make an educational comic book that depicted the issues and people of the era. Choosing what assignments to focus upon will depend upon the needs of the class. Although no child can eschew learning the basics of reading and grammar, using the child's natural inclinations can be ways of making the potentially frightening seem familiar and fascination. Even child with a high level of energy and physical intelligence who squirms in his…

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