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...... Despite heat often having a positive meaning, it can also be used within a negative context as well. There area few instances within the collection of short stories analyzed here that exhibit this more negative connotation towards heat and hotness. The image of stifling heat has been a symbolism in many short stories, both modern and traditional. In many contemporary short stories, heat signifies a sense of stagnation or intense discomfort associated with increasing heat (Lamb 87). In this, hotness is negative because it relates around the image of a damaging heat. This can be seen within the context of a few of the short stories examined here. First, there is the writing of Vance Bourjaily, especially the story "The Amish Farmer." Very briefly and concisely, the image of heat and hotness is seen as a dangerous element that threatens to harm the characters within the structure of the story. This is echoed in Richard Brautigan's short story "1/3, 1/3, 1/3." Here, hot and hot this represents intensifying anger. In the book the novelist had written, there are lines which create this sense of enraged meaning as tied to the image of heat; "Carl felt his blod run hot…

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