Symbols of hot and cold in

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.... imagination, of interpreting the details," (Lounsberry 30). Readers are allowed to take their own liberties in understanding the abstract meanings that are layered within the more simple structures. In this sense, short stories are much more realistic in that they rely on the reader senses to make sense of what is going on within the context of the story.
Several of the authors presented here use such strategies to create a greater depth of meaning in the simple structures presented, like Anne Beattie. Such narrative strategies essentially use less words with more force behind them. Here, the research suggests that "The short story's lack of space leads to prose that relies heavily on suggestiveness and implication, allowing the reader a greater role in bringing the narrative to life" (Lamb 34). In this, the authors pick and choose their words wisely, as they are the direct vehicles which drive inferred meanings. Every word must be chosen with extreme caution and design. This helps the words increased power within the context of the short story as well as keeping up with "the aesthetics of language, the layering of meaning" (Lounsberry X). Concepts of hot and cold are then being used to…

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