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.... was recorded in California in the early 70s; and it was a man by the name of Bruce Brown who recorded the event on film. This particular film projected the sport into worldwide participation and it has become known as a sport created by kids. Once the sport gained interest it quickly spread throughout the country and world. By 1977 a national sanctioning body (American Bicycle Association) was formed because so many BMX races were being staged through out the United States
Today BMX racing is an international sport activity that requires an extreme amount of training and one that is ordered and competitive. Those individuals participating in BMX racing today oftentimes attend clinics to improve their skills as well as practice several hours per day. Although any one can participate in BMX racing activities the sport is not for the faint of heart, non-dedicated, or out of shape individual. The sport requires significant cardio-vascular strength, toned muscles, physical stamina, and a competitive spirit.

Survey Questionnaire

Dear BMX Racing Enthusiast:
I would like your help in conducting a short survey involving your BMX sport. As a BMX racer myself I have always been interested in what other racers think…

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