The Dutchman

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......Secondly, the play may reflect too on the arbitrary response to crime in our society. Women, by virtue of their gender, are oftentimes the ones who are least frequently punished even thoguh they may be conspicuously responsible for their crimes. Society has a tendency to forgive woman more readily than it does man. This may not have been the lesson of the drama, but it certainly reminded me of this fact
In another way, I find the story unsettling in that it indicates how oftentimes the minority person is punished solely by virtue of his being a different color, or looking different in some way (Editors of Salem Press). It is not only the different color that causes punishment and social penalization. Other external, such as age, handicap, and looks can penalize one too. These are externals as Clay points out to Lula: "You really don't know anything about me". Meaning: You don't know anything about the real me. You are judging me according to facts or myths that you mentally construct upon. The real 'me' slips by you unexamined and ignored. This may be a lesson to those who engage in stereotypes. Doing so is harmful not only to…

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