The Cay

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......The precipitousness and the rudeness that characterizes the shopkeeper's assumption is part of a brashness of behavior that is usually associated with gender attributes for males. Unfortunately, these same character traits also frequently factor into men abandoning their families, which is what occurs in "Aguantando" when the narrator's father moves to New York and virtually abandons his family in Santa Domingo. The degree of recklessness that such an act involves is in alignment with behavior typically assigned to the male gender and the effects of such action, particularly when the father claims he is going to return to the family yet does not, are equally if not more noxious than the effects of the shopkeeper's rudeness in Cisneros's tale. The following quotation readily demonstrates this fact. "Mami...almost lost her mind. I remember the heaviness of that month, thicker than almost anything (Diaz, 82-83). In both of these passages from Cisneros and Diaz, male characters display overt traits that are associated with their gender and which cause a considerably problematic influence on the other characters
Perhaps it is because of this problematic influence that both of these authors also portray a temperance of conventional male notions of gender and sexuality with…

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