The Cay by Theodore Taylor

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.... and providing valuable sustenance for him. Philip also volunteers on his own accord to climb coconut trees and procure valuable fruit for the pair. This incident helps Phillip to grow up and demonstrate his care and affection for Timothy.
Another major event that takes place on the island which produces a profound change on Phillip is Timothy's death; Timothy dies during a hurricane in which the pair have to tie themselves to a tree to prevent being swept off the island. Timothy meets his demise in his attempts to protect Philip. The ensuing sadness that Philip feels demonstrates the level of affection that he grows to have for Timothy, and demonstrates exactly how far he has come in terms of overcoming racial and prejudicial tendencies.
Lastly, it is highly significant that Philip is rescued off the island due to the signal fire that he lights when he hears airplanes overhead. His rescue allows the reader to denote a comparison between the impetuous, prejudiced Philip who first landed on the island, and the wiser, more helpful and grown Phillip who left. Philip's rescue ultimately allows him to contextualize all of his adventures, to reminisce on the passing of his friend…

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