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......In the 1830s, America was still a new country. This was a period of great expansion and building of what would become America's infrastructure of roads, canals and buildings. With the acquisition of the Louisiana territory and it becoming a state in 1812, the internal traffic of human bondage skyrocketed despite the official closing of Atlantic trade in America
America was in the process of defining its own culture and at this time many Americans believed in God's Divine Intervention. They believed America was the Kingdom of God (Greenberg, p. 80). This ideology contributed to the Americans' "part of the comfortable cloud of unknowing that helped preserve a white sense of unreality" (Greenberg, p. 79). It was a period of great movement where families uprooted daily to pursue opportunities of wealth in the West. Also whites from were creating waves of immigrants into the seaports of Virginia and its towns inland. This is the atmosphere in which the Nat Turner Revolt took place......

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