Allegory in the crucible

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.... communism. Miller uses this theme of xenophobia in his play as well.

Many Americans were called before McCarthy's committee to explain their so called involvement in the Communist Party, recant their beliefs and name their former friends and associates in this "Un-American" cause. These Americans were persecuted and accused of being communists with little or no evidence to back up the claims. Miller's play illustrates through allegory that ultimately, persecution such as this leads to escalating fears of homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, and the civil rights movement. It also shows us that the freedoms of speech, religion, the press, of association, and
the right to assemble and to petition, were infringed upon during this time in the name of national or cultural security. McCarthy's campaign and the "Red Scare" that ensued were responsible for the corruption of countless careers and private lives.

The scare tactics used by McCarthy caused a mass hysteria in modern-day America similar to the witch hysteria in early America. Through the vehicle of acting, Arthur Miller's The Crucible helps general audience become more aware of how humans allow their fear of change and of different cultures, norms, and ideas to build to a point where the…

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