The Importance of Nonverbal Communication…

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......This means that in the effective manager, there will be an inherent
concurrence between verbal and nonverbal intent which prevents confusion or
ambiguity where personnel are concerned
This is because there is an inherency to nonverbal communication that
cannot be ignored. In everyday communication with seemingly simple ends,
language is nonetheless a complex symbiosis of verbal and nonverbal cues
used to convey information within and across cultures. One inherent effect
of the continued use and unconscious collective exploration of its
prospects for usage is the reduction of formality in its everyday
implementation, with forms beyond simple semantic meaning of words and
verbalized expressions playing a formative role in the way we comprehend
communication, even in the professional setting. This denotes the needs
for economy, for familiarity and for personal expression that together have
the effect of enabling individuals to achieve a diversity of meanings and
linguistic expressive tendencies within the context of a shared
communication framework such as a language or dialect. (Lesko, 12) This
points directly to the value of something more collectively understood than
verbal expression alone. In the realm of organizational maintenance, this
proves especially true where management is concerned. The demands placed
upon management to foster…

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