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Question 2: Why might teachers find it difficult to put Redl and Wattenberg's approach into practice in today's classrooms?

Redl and Wattenberg's approach uses group psychology theories to enable teachers to engage in better classroom management. By understanding what students are 'the class clown,' or the leaders or followers, teachers can strive to change the dynamic of the interpersonal relationships within the room to create a more productive classroom environment. Also, teachers must work individually with students so that students' underlying assumptions about themselves as learners can be unpacked, and if necessary challenged and made more productive

Unfortunately, teachers today often deal with overcrowded classrooms, the result of budget cuts in recent years. They also have a more standardized curriculum, which can be difficult to manipulate and tweak to suit the needs of student psychology. Removing a student temporarily from an uncomfortable classroom dynamic may not be an option, given that alternative placement may not be available. And some of the techniques suggested by Redl and Wattenberg: "eye contact, moving closer, humor, encouragement, and ignoring," and even physical touching may be prohibited by district policy (Redl and Wattenberg's model, 2010, Teacher Matters). Showing a special interest in a student…

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